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Best Practices for Redeeming Your Credit Card Points

So you’ve racked up some credit card points and are wondering WTF you should spend them on. Is it best to save them up and spend them all at once on a vacation? Or should you use them up every month to pay off lots of little things? Is the answer the same if you have a card that earns you points vs one that earns you cashback? To find out, read our post!

hands protecting money in a piggy bank from inflation

3 Simple Ways to Protect Your Money from Inflation

Cheap borrowing, stimmies, increased unemployment benefits, and city reopenings have created a spending frenzy and the biggest rise in consumer prices in nearly 13 years. While prices in 2021 are rising faster than usual, inflation is nothing new. The good news is that you can protect your money by doing these few simple things.

finfluencers taking selfie

Have You Been Finfluenced by These 3 Bad Pieces of Financial Advice?

You know the phrase don’t believe everything you see on social media? Well, it doesn’t only apply to influencers’ waistlines and wrinkle-free faces. It also applies to the advice dished out by the newest category of influencer – the finfluencer. Lot’s of finfluencers are going viral dishing out trash finance tips. So the question is, have you fallen for any of them?

cup of coffee with money bag foam to kickstart your financial journey

6 Ways to Kickstart Your Financial Journey

Where the f**k do I start? That’s the million-dollar question when you finally come to the realization that you need to get your financial shit together. And it’s hard to figure out because there is so much contradictory information out there. Because of the information overload, many people grasp onto the low-hanging fruit, like budgeting. But saving $3 here and there isn’t going to have much of an impact on your financial future, and it definitely isn’t going to help you weather the next recession. So what should you do instead? Focus on making big financial wins and building your financial scaffolding. Here are 6 simple steps you can take to do it.

woman stressed about money mistakes

Six-Figure Mistakes You’re Making with Your Money

There are an endless number of mistakes you can make with your finances. Some are small like forgetting to put in your discount code at the grocery and paying full price for items you could have gotten at a discount. Others are big. Like hundreds of thousands of dollars, big. These are the ones that will make or break your financial future. If you can skip making these, you’ll end up with, well, hundreds of thousands more dollars over your lifetime. To keep you from falling into a giant money pit, here are the biggest financial killers and how to avoid them.

road sign representing the road to good debt vs bad debt with pink sky background

Is All Debt Bad? The Debt Myth Debunked

Debt sucks. It eats away at huge chunks of the hard-earned money coming into your bank account every month and festers in the back of your mind. With mounting student loan debt, more and more young people are entering the workforce with colossal student loan payments and lower than expected salaries. Being burdened by this debt so early on in adulthood has birthed the debt freedom movement and made debt the financial villain for many young people. But is all debt actually bad?


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