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Are You Afraid You’ll Be in Debt Forever?!

Chances are, you’re in debt. And you aren’t alone. 80% of Americans have debt and are in the same boat as you. Many of these people also fear that they will be in debt for the rest of their lives. But I’m going to let you in on a secret about debt.

How to Talk to Your Partner About Finances

It’s no secret, or surprise that one of the top reasons for divorce is finances. Like religion and politics, money is a taboo subject, but unlike religion and politics, many people don’t have in-depth discussions about money until after they’re married. Since each of you has separate bank accounts, separate credit cards, and no need to show each other your loan statements before the wedding, many people don’t find out about their partner’s massive student loan or credit card debt until after they say, “I do.” Coming to the realization that your financial future isn’t what you envisioned right after you make the biggest commitment of your life can put stress on your marriage from the very start. Here are my tips for how to build a healthy dialogue with your partner and get on the same page about your finances before the nuptials.

How to Stop Budgeting and Still Save Money

Have you ever gotten really excited about all of the money you were going to save by making a budget and finally taking control of your spending? Then at the end of the month, after adding everything up the disappointment sets in when you find out that you barely saved any money. I mean you tortured yourself and thought endlessly about every purchase you made! How could this be possible?! Instead of focusing a ton of your time and energy on budgeting and barely saving any money each month, I’m going to let you in on a money-saving trick I just discovered. It’s a lot easier, takes a lot less time, and will save you a lot more money.

You’re Losing Money by Saving

The pandemic has exposed the incredible importance of having an emergency savings, but an unfortunate fact about your savings is that you’re losing money with it every year. Don’t go running off to check your account balance; it’s staying the same. The loss you’re experiencing is due to a decrease in purchasing power caused by inflation.


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