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Do You Have Too Much Saved In Your Emergency Fund?

During the pandemic, saving money has been a hot topic. With all of this suffering and uncertainty, Americans turned to their emergency funds for stability, and from March to April of 2020, the US savings more than doubled from 12.7% to 32.2%. However, the pandemic has also caused many personal finance experts to change their recommendation for emergency savings amounts from 3-6 months of expenses saved, to 6-12 months of expenses saved, which is just too much. Here’s why you need an emergency fund, but should ditch the new savings recommendation and only stash 3-6 months of expenses in it.

How to Start Investing In Real Estate Without Buying Property

Once you learn about the massive cash flow you can earn investing in real estate, you’ll become as obsessed with the idea of owning properties as little girls were with Justin Timberlake in the 90s. But it can be really hard to save enough to get property number one. If you’re stuck in this situation or the thought of dealing with tenants makes you want to pull a Gone Girl move, no worries. There’s a cheap and easy way you can become a real estate investor today without having to buy your own property. Read the post to find out how!

kim and kylie as bitcoin and ethereum

WTF is Fintech? The Creation of the TikTok Investor and What’s Next

Bitcoin, NFTs, Robinhood, Coinbase. Besides constantly being in the headlines like Paris Hilton in the 2000s, what do all of these things have in common? They’re all new developments in the world of Fintech and are revolutionizing an industry. 
Financial Technology, or Fintech for short, has been taking the financial industry by storm, but what exactly is it, why is it so popular, and how will it change our lives in the future? Grab your popcorn. We’re going to answer that.

Should You Combine Finances After Marriage?

So you’ve tied the knot, or you’re about to, and you’re thinking about what needs to get done after the wedding. One of which is figuring out what to do about combining your finances. To help you navigate one of the toughest topics in your marriage, we’re breaking down the pros and cons of the three financial strategies you can use to handle your finances as a couple.

mean girls representing the s&p 1500 made up of the s&p 500 s&p 400 and s&p 600.

Meet the S&P 1500, The S&P 500’s Bigger Sister

The S&P 500 is like the most popular girl in school. Everyone knows her name and the details of her life, even if they don’t know her personally. And while everyone has been hyper-focused on what she’s doing, they’ve completely missed out on getting to know her big sister, the S&P 1500. She may be flying under the radar, but the S&P 1500 has all of the great qualities her more popular sister does, and then some. To help you get to know her better, here are all of the details on who the S&P 1500 is and whether you should invest in her or the S&P 500.


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