My Fav Money Tools

Save Money With Rakuten

Rakuten is the easiest way to save money shopping online! Just sign up for a free account and download the Google Chrome Browser extension. It will notify you every time you’re on a website that offers extra discounts so you can activate your savings. If you’re out and about, download the Rakuten app and upload your credit card information so you can save when you pay through the app in store, or shop online through the app and save. Even better is that you get an extra $10 cash back at sign up!

Invest with Public

Public has your best interest at heart when it comes to investing. With new investors flooding the market, they help you make the right choices with your money by eliminating investment options that can result in you losing more money than you originally invested! They also ditched the use of Payment for Order Flow, a controversial income generator developed by Bernie Madoff and used by other brokerages like Robinhood. To top it off, their app is extremely user friendly and you can interact with other investors to stay up to date on the latest stock market news!

capital one venture card next to blue suitcase

Earn Rewards with the Capital One Venture Card

If you’re looking for the simplest way to earn points, the Capital One Venture card is the credit card for you. You earn 2 points for every dollar spent! There are no categories to keep track of or savings to activate. On top of that, you get free foreign transaction fees when you travel to other countries and other rotating perks all for the low price of $95/year!

Start Your Day with Morning Brew’s Newsletter

I start every morning with Morning Brew’s free newsletter. They give you quick summaries of all of yesterday’s business and finance news in a funny and easy to digest writing style. I start my day feeling informed and get a few good laughs in. It’s the best 5-10 minutes I’ve added into my morning routine.