Financial Basics

Money is about so much more than investing and debt. These posts will help you build an understanding of basic financial concepts and how to frame your money mindset so you can make smart financial decisions and become your own financial advisor.

How Many Credit Cards Is Too Many?

The average person has 4 credit cards. Some of you probably loathe the idea of stuffing that many cards into your wallet, while others of you can’t believe the average is that low. Regardless of your preferred number of credit cards, there are upsides and pitfalls to having multiple cards. Here’s when you should apply for more cards, and when you shouldn’t because you have too many.

w4 form with pen

When to Claim 0 on Your W-4

Popular advice says to claim 0 on your W-4 so you can get the biggest tax return. But is that actually what’s best for your finances? Here’s everything you need to know to fill out those confusing W-4 forms, and the answer to the question of whether or not you should claim 0 on your W-4.

Why Literally Everyone Needs to Hire a Money Coach

Here’s the deal. Whether you’ve paid for one or not, you’ve had a money coach. Your earliest coach was probably your parents or someone else who took a parental role in your life. Starting at an incredibly early age, their actions, directly or indirectly, began forming your beliefs about money. Unfortunately, most of our first money coaches had bad money habits and taught us pretty terrible financial lessons. All of these teachings became ingrained in our brains and formed the foundation of our money habits, and unless you were one of the lucky ones who was taught about wealth building and you’re set to inherit generational wealth, you probably need to hire a qualified money coach and learn some new money lessons. Here are some tips to help you find the best money coach for you.


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