Financial Basics

Money is about so much more than investing and debt. These posts will help you build an understanding of basic financial concepts and how to frame your money mindset so you can make smart financial decisions and become your own financial advisor.

How to Stop Failing at Budgeting and Buy What You Want

If you’ve tried budgeting and failed, you’re not alone. I tried budgeting for years without success. Being a bad budgeter always made me feel like a financial failure until I realized that the problem wasn’t me. It was all of the extreme budgeting advice that’s pushed by the finance industry, especially to women. If you’ve been discouraged about money because you feel like you can’t cut back on “frivolous” spending and your budget always fails, it’s not you. It’s bad budgeting advice and money shame from the finance industry. Here’s how to fix both so you can slay your budget and buy the shoes guilt-free.

Millennials Are Fucked if We Don’t Start Talking to Our Parents About Money

A staggering 60-70% of 18-34-year-olds still rely on their parents for financial support, and although millennials make up the largest percentage of the workforce, they own under 5% of the total wealth in the US. To make matters worse, 2% of millennials’ wealth is owned by a single person, Mark Zuckerberg. That leaves just under 3% for the rest of us. While boomers are bankrolling millennials’ lives for now, what will happen when the financial support millennials so desperately rely on dries up? To financially prep for aging parents and their limited retirement income, here are some financial topics millennials should start ironing out with their parents.

How South Dakota Is Making the Rich Richer and You Poorer

The Pandora Papers that were recently released confirmed that the ultra-rich will do almost anything to skirt taxes, but a shocking revelation from the documents was that the elites don’t need to go as far as we thought to do it. They can shelter their money right on American soil in South Dakota. What’s even worse is that the South Dakota laws that help the wealthiest people in the world avoid paying taxes, were set in motion by ones that hurt everyday Americans. This is how South Dakota became a favorite of the ultra-rich and a burden on everyone else.


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