Financial Basics

Money is about so much more than investing and debt. These posts will help you build an understanding of basic financial concepts and how to frame your money mindset so you can make smart financial decisions and become your own financial advisor.

Do You Have Too Much Saved In Your Emergency Fund?

During the pandemic, saving money has been a hot topic. With all of this suffering and uncertainty, Americans turned to their emergency funds for stability, and from March to April of 2020, the US savings more than doubled from 12.7% to 32.2%. However, the pandemic has also caused many personal finance experts to change their recommendation for emergency savings amounts from 3-6 months of expenses saved, to 6-12 months of expenses saved, which is just too much. Here’s why you need an emergency fund, but should ditch the new savings recommendation and only stash 3-6 months of expenses in it.

Should You Combine Finances After Marriage?

So you’ve tied the knot, or you’re about to, and you’re thinking about what needs to get done after the wedding. One of which is figuring out what to do about combining your finances. To help you navigate one of the toughest topics in your marriage, we’re breaking down the pros and cons of the three financial strategies you can use to handle your finances as a couple.

capital one venture card vs amex blue cash preferred vs chase freedom credit card

Fuck, Marry, Kill: Capital One Venture Card vs Amex Blue Cash Preferred vs Chase Freedom Credit Card

As the saying goes, there are plenty of fish in the sea. This expression isn’t only true of romantic partners but also of credit cards. In the endless sea of credit card choices, I’ve ended up dating these 3: the Capital One Venture Card, Amex Blue Cash Preferred, and the Chase Freedom Credit Card. Like my romantic partners, each one of these credit cards has served a different purpose in my life. They all had some wonderful qualities, other not-so-great ones, and out of all of them, there’s one that stands out far above the rest. I’m going to tell you why I got into a relationship with each card, the pros and cons I experienced during each of these relationships, and rank each card by which I would fuck, marry, and kill.


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