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Do you find yourself lost when it comes to your financial plan? Maybe you’re confused about where to start, what to invest in, or what your goals should be. If any of that sounds like you, you’re in the right place!

My 5 Part Guide to Getting a Grip on Your Finances gives you step-by-step instructions for how to take control of your finances, by showing you a clear picture of your current financial situation, and helping you set your financial goals. In this self paced course, you’ll learn all of the basics of saving, investing, and paying off debt so you can make great financial decisions. Here’s everything you’ll get with this course that will help you do that:

  • The financial tracker I developed for myself and still use that will track your progress and help you figure out your goals. This tracker will tell you:
    • Your 3 and 6 month emergency savings goals, and how long it will take you to reach them based on your current contribution amount
    • How much money you’ll need to have invested to retire
    • What year you should be able to retire based on your current investment strategy
    • When you’ll become debt free
    • Whether your debt to income ratio is too high to get approved for a mortgage
    • How much of your loan payment pays for interest
    • Your net worth and your progress building it over time

The best part about this workbook is that I know it works! How? Because I built it to track and manage my own finances. After years of tweaking, and some beautifying, I’m sharing it with you!

This tracker helped me increase my net worth by over $60k in under 2 years, and helped me set up my financial system so I see 5 figure net worth increases every quarter!

While this tracker alone will completely change your financial future, it’s not all you get with your purchase. You’ll also get

  • A 65 page E-book that will tell you the why behind your money decisions. This E-book will teach you
    • Why I’m such a hater of buying “hot stocks”
    • Why you don’t need to be debt free to start investing and building wealth
    • How interest rate fluctuations affect you
    • Why Warren Buffet calls compound interest the eighth wonder of the world
    • How to use debt to build wealth instead of lose it
    • How to use a credit card the right way
    • How loan amortization works and why it affects the amount of equity you can build in a house
    • How to properly refinance your house

My E-book and workbook are excellent tools to help you achieve the financial future you desire, but let’s be honest, most of us already know what we should be doing with our money. The hard part is actually doing it!

During your financial transformation, you’ll need to start doing some new things with your money in order to reach your goals. This can be SCARY! To increase your confidence throughout this process, you’ll also get

  • 2 one-on-one consulting calls with me! Your first call with me will be before you start your transformation, and the second will be after you’ve complete the E-book and filled out your entire workbook for the first time. In our calls we’ll focus on
    • understanding what your true money goals are and how you can achieve them
    • shifting your money mindset
    • building money confidence
    • ways to stay on track to reaching your goals long term

Throughout your transformation, some questions may come up that we didn’t cover in our first call. To make sure you can get your questions answered ASAP and avoid any possible mistakes, you’ll also have

  • Direct access to my email so I can answer questions you have between your first and second one-on-one calls

So what are you waiting  for? Stop putting off the life you dream of and start living it!

If you’re ready to take control of your finances and start building the wealthy life you’ve always dreamed of get my guide now!




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