The biggest misconception about investing is that it is only something you can do if you’re rich. But investing is actually easy and ANYONE can become an investor. In fact, you should begin investing today! These posts will help you become your own financial advisor because why pay someone when you can do it yourself!

Should You Invest with Acorns?

Acorns’ round-up feature lets you link all of your cards to your Acorns account, and whenever you make a purchase, they’ll round it up to the nearest dollar and invest the extra change. It’s a super-easy way to ensure money is constantly flowing into your investment accounts. But when deciding which brokerage firm to invest with, you should pick the one that will make you the most money. So I explored whether Acorns’ subscription model really works in your favor and whether you should invest with them.

How Robinhood’s Gamification of Investing is Tricking You Into Making Them Money

Since March 2020 when we were all locked inside with nothing to do, retail investing has been all the rage. While some of these retail investors have made money, many have seen huge losses because, well, trading is hard work and most people don’t succeed at it. It is widely known in finance that over 80% of traders lose money, but that hasn’t stopped Robinhood from using fun emojis and gamification to keep its users trading on its platform. And the reason they want you to trade more isn’t because they think it’ll make you money, it’s because it’s making them money. Here’s why you should ditch Robinhood and what to do instead.

The Effortless Strategy for Investing in the Stock Market

When you think of stock market investing, trading is probably what comes to mind. To be successful at trading stocks, you have to investigate the stock market constantly to find hidden deals you can make millions off of. But few people hit it big, and who has a few hours a day to spend watching stock prices? Not me, and probably not you. The good news is that there’s an effortless way to make money investing in stocks that historically, has worked 100% of the time. Here’s how to do it.


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