The biggest misconception about investing is that it is only something you can do if you’re rich. But investing is actually easy and ANYONE can become an investor. In fact, you should begin investing today! These posts will help you become your own financial advisor because why pay someone when you can do it yourself!

Investing Strategies Explained in Terms of Owning Pets

Investing can be hard to understand, but pretty much everyone knows what it’s like to own a pet. Maybe you’re a dog lover, a cat lady, or the oddball that’s really into snakes. No matter what furry or scaly friends you’re into, you know that different pets have different needs. Some take up a lot of your time and need daily attention, while others can be left alone with enough food and water for weeks at a time. Investing strategies are the same way. To help you understand the different investment strategies out there and find the one that fits your lifestyle best, I’m going to break down each strategy in terms of which pet it’s similar to owning.

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How to Pick Impressive 401k Investments

About half of Americans are invested in the stock market, and almost all of them are investing through a retirement account like a 401k. While individual stocks like GameStop and Tesla get most of the news coverage, these aren’t the stocks making most people wealthy. Much more wealth is being built through mutual funds, index funds, and ETFs in retirement accounts.

Unfortunately, many of the people investing in these funds don’t know what they’re doing. When I first started contributing to a 401k, I had no clue what investments to pick or how to understand the information they presented to me. And I had a finance degree! To help you navigate your 401k and make as much money as possible, here’s everything you need to know about how to pick good 401k investments.

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Formula for Net Worth: How to Calculate and Grow Your Net Worth with Tips from Jay Z and Beyonce

Remember in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy finds out that the Great and Powerful Oz is just a regular guy hiding behind an elaborate display? That’s what it’s like to peer behind the curtain of many “rich” people’s extravagant lives. One peek at their net worth would reveal that a fair number of them are frauds. In today’s world, where so much of our lives are broadcast on social media, we’ve been plagued with an epidemic of people who are fake rich. Two celebs are keeping it 100 with their money and are definitely real rich, though. Beyonce and Jay Z. Their estimated combined net worth is $1.4 BILLION! To help you get real rich like the Carters, I’m breaking down how to calculate your net worth and how to grow it using lessons from Jay Z and Beyonce.


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