The biggest misconception about investing is that it is only something you can do if you’re rich. But investing is actually easy and ANYONE can become an investor. In fact, you should begin investing today! These posts will help you become your own financial advisor because why pay someone when you can do it yourself!

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Have You Been Finfluenced by These 3 Bad Pieces of Financial Advice?

You know the phrase don’t believe everything you see on social media? Well, it doesn’t only apply to influencers’ waistlines and wrinkle-free faces. It also applies to the advice dished out by the newest category of influencer – the finfluencer. Lot’s of finfluencers are going viral dishing out trash finance tips. So the question is, have you fallen for any of them?

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How to Pay Significantly Lower Taxes on Your Investments

You know that weird guy that just seems to creep up out of nowhere and scare the shit out of you every time he says hello? Well, that guy exists in the investment world too, and he pops up whenever you sell your investments. His name is taxes. The amount you pay in taxes depends on when you decide to sell your investment and what type of account your investment is in. If you don’t pay attention, you can end up getting slapped with a big bill come tax season, but if you strategize properly, you can use these two variables to reduce your tax bill and pocket as much of your profits as possible. Here’s how to do it.

How to Start Investing In Real Estate Without Buying Property

Once you learn about the massive cash flow you can earn investing in real estate, you’ll become as obsessed with the idea of owning properties as little girls were with Justin Timberlake in the 90s. But it can be really hard to save enough to get property number one. If you’re stuck in this situation or the thought of dealing with tenants makes you want to pull a Gone Girl move, no worries. There’s a cheap and easy way you can become a real estate investor today without having to buy your own property. Read the post to find out how!


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